David McDonogh (Master Student)


fon +49 (0)7531 88-5361

room L1044



B.S. in Chemistry at UC Berkeley



Master in Chemistry at University Konstanz



Research Area

My research topic is focused on the crystallization of Barium Sulfate, more specifically the influence of organic additives on the nucleation of this system. BaSO4 is commonly found as scale, blocking tubing and processing equipment, and is especially relevant in oilfield applications, thus making inhibition of crystal growth an interesting topic.1


While several industrial scale removers exist for Barium Sulfate, there is a great deal of interest in understanding the role of additives on the early stages of crystallization with the aim to improve anti-scaling techniques.2,3 Within this context the project will explore the effects of small molecule and polymer additives on nucleation and the post-nucleation morphology of the resulting crystals.


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